Airport Details 

The nearest airport is 6.8km from 306 Motel Apartments. The easiest way to the airport is to turn left at the gate, and left at lights, go 3kms and turn left into Memorial Ave, which takes you straight to the Airport. 

Airport Transport 

Shuttle Service: Super Shuttle   0800 748 7753 (Cheaper for two people to travel First Direct Taxi to airport set rate is $30) 

Taxi & Transport Service 

Taxi:       First Direct  Ph: 0800 50 55 50 

             Gold Band   Ph: 379 5795 

             Blue Star     Ph: 379 9799 

Bus The Yellow Bus takes you to the city and back. The stop to the city is 50 meters to the right of the motel. The bus stop from the city is directly opposite the motel. 

Airport Bus 

Leaves 150m from the motel, turn left into Ilam Road, and the bus stop is 25m from the corner. The bus runs every 30 minutes.  



Transport information

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