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Qualmark, whose Sustainable Tourism Business

Published: Sep 7, 2023, 12:17 PM

 Qualmark, whose Sustainable Tourism Business

We are very proud of our team for helping us achieve Gold Standard 4+ Standard in their assessment this year.  Not only is this a NZ recognised award - it is now internationally acknowledged.


What is the GSTC? 

 Founded in 2007, the GSTC is a United Nations-initiated programme that sets the global baseline standards for sustainable travel and tourism. Qualmark has been a member of the GSTC since 2021. 

 What is the GSTC Recognition about?  

 The GSTC have recognised the Qualmark Sustainable Tourism Business Criteria as being in line with the GSTC Industry Criteria. This means the Qualmark Standard helps tourism businesses become more sustainable from a people, environmental and operational perspective at a globally recognised level.